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Skilled piano lessons teacher, educated in Europe, with a total of 12 years of musical coaching, and over 10 years of teaching experience, offering beginner and advanced piano instruction and classes for kids, teens, and adults within the privateness of your personal house or within the snug and pupil friendly atmosphere at my place. I'm taking college students from the age of 3 and older.

The method is SQ3R or Survey/Query/Read/Recite/Evaluate. I believe this technique can be adapted to be a very good plan for serving to our students study their repertoire assignments. In adapting the strategy for music research I barely altered the sequence by switching the last two "R" objects making it Survey/Query/Learn/Overview/Recite. SQ3R is a technique assured to enhance learning and comprehension in our student’s music study.

Adult College students
I have adult students who're complete learners, some who haven’t played their instrument in 10 years, and some who're extra advanced college students trying to take their skills to the next level. It doesn't matter what your state of affairs is, I'll enable you get the results you desire.

Grows together with your skill level
The Lumi workforce continues so as to add classes -- and even with a small keyboard, Lumi covers some two-handed methods. However I found most of it to be a one-handed experience. That said, it may be expanded. A number of Lumi keyboards can snap together magnetically. Although I don't see many folks dropping $600 to get one other two octaves out of it instantly, the larger takeaway is that Roli desires this to be an expandable device for writing music. The Lumi is a totally functioning MIDI keyboard, so you'll be able to compose with it. The keyboard is suitable with most digital audio workstations and plugins.

Earlier than accessing this program, users are required to register. A profile is completed and access granted. Pianu affords a guided on-line lesson suitable for rookies and intermediate pianists. There are also some in style songs uploaded on the site. These songs are used for apply after studying the introductory lessons for beginners.